Creating the best night of your life involves countless steps and transitions. Sounds Fun DJs specializes in managing each phase of the event as if it were that perfect concert or play – smooth, entertaining, and always more exciting than the moment before.

Choosing when and how to introduce each element of the event is just as important as the beats you apply to it. When done correctly, you’ve got mood magic.



Weddings are the heart of what we do.  We have created an art form of subtly guiding you and your guests through the most important night of your lives.  By night’s end, we’ll have you feeling on top of the world, with guests complimenting you for the most fun they’ve had in ages.  Weddings are our business, and we can’t wait to be a part of yours.


Corporate events focus on a specific corporate culture and management objective. Corporate events can pump people up, make them feel honored and appreciated, inform and educate them, or let them network with one another.

As your DJs, Sounds Fun acts to not only manage transitions and entertain as appropriate, but to enhance the professional image of the company while remaining completely in harmony with the objectives of the organization.

We have decades of experience emceeing events and creating entertaining and suitable playlists.  Our professionalism is unmatched and we look forward to working with you.

*cover photo: Higher Focus Studios